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The Philosopher

It is always an experience to talk to a dreamer and a philosopher and we have one living in our house. Our conversation rambles on between the feasibility of taking hydroelectric power and using it to create fuel cells to at the other extreme, the fears of ever daring to commit to a marriage relationship. Often the conversation seems to yo-yo between dreams and reality. Tonight we had one of those long talks. Always he makes me think. And wonder. What does God have in store for him?

Child, Philosopher, King

A child alone
Many miles and eons of difference to cross
Experiences running together like the words on unlined pages.
Was loneliness not there?

You came in
Not yet a part of us
Thrust into a world so foreign it could have been the moon.
What did you think?

What did you see?
The year that you went home
Silently becoming a stranger, seeing now through foreign eyes?
What changed you so?

Now that you
Are lodged inside my heart
What unknowing destiny will Gods great plan have you fulfill?
His next Philosopher? King?

This week we dropped off the papers we hope will be the key to bringing more of our “extended family” here to live with us, to attend school, to be raised in our home, to be influenced by our values and beliefs. Can I be the mother to ten kids in all? I am not SuperMom but I have experienced that God provides the necessary grace to do what he needs to get done. And I know that if God is in this, it will happen and it will be OK.

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