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They can Eat!

This morning I totally forgot to take my lunch to work. It turned out that I was done a few minutes early at noon and had time to run home and get something to eat. I only live about 5 minutes by car from my office. It is nice living in a city small enough for that kind of commuting time. Anyway I came home and all of a sudden a gang of teenaged guys descended upon our home. Boy can they eat! Cleaned me out of pizza pops again. They did offer me some but I had already started warming up my spinach and cheese pizza. Funny – I got to eat it all by myself. There are certain advantages to liking spinach. By the time I got home tonight it was all gone though. We must have a closet spinach lover in our house. I always try to keep my kids from eating my favorites by telling them it is an adult food and is very healthy for you. They are growing up too fast.

It is fun having a bunch of guys around talking and arguing and stuff. Good to see the guys at ease in our home with their friends. It is fun to meet the friends too. Just wish they would bring their own lunch. Have to make another grocery store run again.

The deacon meeting tonight was short and sweet. Sometimes I am so disorganized that I think I must have forgotten a whole chunk out of the agenda when the meeting only takes an hour. Not that we had any earth shattering stuff to discuss. I am sick of making up committees. It takes so long for us to set the committee up that it is summer before it is official and then you know how it goes – can’t do much over the summer then it is winter again and time to start over with a new year. Not much time to actually do anything except get organized. We spend more time spinning around in circles like this than in doing anything useful for the body of believers. We get more fruitful work done over a cup of coffee with a friend and we don’t have to publish any minutes.

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