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Ogre or Tooth Fairy?

Wonder of wonders! The lost binder has been found. Grace’s track coach picked it up. Why oh why did he not tell her on Friday? Anyway one should not complain about an answer to prayer. Grace is much relieved.

Today has been one of those days when I alternately acted like an ogre or the tooth fairy. Had to give six kids today the lecture – you know – the one that goes “If you don’t like your teeth then go ahead and let them rot but don’t ask me to leave your braces on in that pool of plaque”. Two were seriously threatened with having the braces off. Now that was the ogre side. I’m trying to think of to whom I was nice enough to be classed as a tooth fairy. Maybe the poor guy who had let his teeth get way beyond repair and on whom we took out the remaining 6. Some days being a dentist can be depressing.

Actually, having a vivid sense of being called to do what I do has given my life a sense of adventure more often than a sense of despair.

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Just Interfering?

Sometimes it is hard to know how much to get involved in your child’s academic life. I hate to be an interfering parent so I usually have to get really riled up before I talk to a teacher and then I’m not usually too effective, if you know what I mean. I’m ashamed to say that I actually made one of my kid’s teachers cry. Well, if she hadn’t accused my daughter of forging my signature and stealing another child’s shoes it would definitely never have happened. At least I tell myself that was “righteous anger”. After all she was talking about my well behaved kid.

Now I have had to write a letter for my daughter who is not very well behaved about her lost homework. Maybe the teacher thinks that losing a binder at a track meet is a bit on the same level as “the dog ate my homework” excuse. Grace comes across as very “cool” and cocky and because of her sometimes too expressive body language people in authority often take her to be a smart alec rebel rather than a very scared little kid longing for acceptance. Maybe I’m just too sympathetic because I love her and want things to turn out better for her. So I hope the letter gets the results which we need here – a chance to redo her lost homework. One week to finals too.

I wish God’s wisdom was more clear when it comes to how to help our kids grow up right.

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