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Romans 8: 31 to 39

This morning I just happened in my reading through Romans to be at the chapter where I think my all time favorite group of verses is found. Romans 8: 31 to 39. And verse 38 is my favorite among these favorites.
And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from his love.
Death can’t, and life can’t.
The angels can’t and the demons can’t.
Our fears for today, our worries about tomorrow, and even the powers of hell can’t keep God’s love away.

To me this is one of the greatest celebratory verses in the Bible. And best of all is that I know it is true. Thank you God for your overwhelming love!

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Picnics, Coffee, and Visits

Yesterday we had a great Sunday School picnic. Today we had a few injured people in church due to the oldies versus the youngies softball game. If you want to see pictures, link to Randall Friesen.

Good day today. We had good fun over lunch with the pastor’s family. Then I went out for coffee with a friend from our congregation and had a good visit. I didn’t realize we have so much in common since we don’t get to visit in depth in church. So we got to share some of our difficulties with our children and also how God has worked in both our lives to just confirm how much he cares for us no matter how our children turn out. It was good. We should have gone for coffee a couple of years ago. I hate being too busy sometimes and also sometimes it’s my own fault not taking the time.

I also found out that she also likes to write and so I have encouraged her to blog as well if she has access to a computer. I find this is a place where I can meet and get inspiration from others out there. Thanks to all of you who have contacted me or mentionned my site.

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