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A Million Distractions

This morning I was out walking. A light rain scares off the other walkers which is OK since then they don’t think I’m whacko talking out loud to God. Talking out loud helps me to concentrate my thoughts as does writing. Otherwise my thoughts get lost in the maze of a million distractions.

Anyway, I was thinking out loud about how the church organization, ie: the “modern” church doesn’t meet a lot of my deeper spiritual needs. Those have always been met more in my relationships with others. But sometimes I am so busy helping to keep the organization going that I hardly have time to develop relationships. I guess having a few less kids would also uncomplicate my life but those are some of the best relationships I have – that and the one with Leo – and all need a slice of my time. I know I am too busy. I have decided that housework is not high on my list of priorities so I am willing to give that up but the other things are harder to let go.

Today has been one of those days when I seem to spend most of my time in the car. First up to the track so Grace can run her race, then back home to pick up Sara to ref her soccer. Then back to the track. Two stops at fast food places along the way and then over to my office to photocopy some of the notes Grace has to replace. Back up to pick Sara up after reffing. A few minutes and then off to the Sunday School picnic. Leo conveniently got mistaken and thought the picnic would be on Sunday so has a golf game set up with one of his colleagues. At least he is able to go to Saskatoon to pick Patrick up from the plane. Patrick will drive home in Leo’s vehicle so that means I will have to drive down to Wakaw to pick Leo up later – unless I can talk Christian into doing it for me. I have to get Grace back up to the track again, return to the church for a meeting after the picnic and then arrange to pick her up again. It seems like this is becoming a typical Saturday. It is less work going to work!

You may understand why I post most of my blogs in the wee hours of the morning. Well it seems to be the only peaceful time around our house.

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