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Update on Jacques

For those of you who have read some of my ealier blogs, you may remember that our friend Jacques was bit by a cat which died a few days later. Today he sent us a message that he got the rabies vaccine and immune globulin that Leo as a Medical Health Officer was able to procure for him and which American Leprosy Mission was able to courrier out to him and have flown up to the city where he lives by Missionary Aviation Fellowship. So he has taken his first injections and should be OK. He is always in our prayers, especially since we share children. He is where we cannot be and cares for his own people in a way no missionary can do, including being there through all of the civil war past and present.

Patrick, Kongawi’s son is performing tonight in Vancouver. I was hoping that it would be on TV live but sorry it will just be on Radio-Canada or on you local French FM station.


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