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There are times when my lack of discipline in all areas stares me in the face. I don’t do what I know I should do. It is more fun to escape into the world of the internet than to do the housework. I try to get my children to be self disciplined and then I look at my own poor example. Sometimes, I must admit, they do a better job than I. So I am going to try very hard today not to forget to do some of the chores I need to remember – phone calls I have to make – and I hate phoning.

Last night Grace discovered at 10:00 that she had left her school binder somewhere at the track. She is not sure where or when she last saw it, but it is not here. Now, I told her that if she had thought of doing her homework earlier she would have noticed it’s loss a bit earlier too. So off we drove to the track and around we walked in the twilight, but no binder. In it are all of her notes, all of her completed and incomplete homework. She is not our most academically inclined child. The loss of her binder is a real blow. She will have to try all the lost and founds today and then if no binder, borrow and do some major note copying. I hope her teachers are a bit sympathetic but she doesn’t have a good record with them. This may just be one of life’s hard lessons – hope it turns out to be a lesson learned. Do you ever wish you could make life easier for your kids? Unfortunately, I think they follow our poorest examples the most easily.

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