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Why Blog

There are a lot of you bloggers out there trying to answer the question of why blog. Are we similar personalities? I think I began because finally here is an avenue of expression for me. I am not a good person with oral words. I lose my train of thought quickly. I have difficulty in saying out loud what I really think. I find that most times when I speak I end up wishing I had never said that. Sometimes I even have to appologize for some stupid thing I said that when given time to reflect was not what I should have siad at all. I guess that is called sticking my foot in my mouth. It seems to fit in there too easily. When blogging, I can go back and correct, revise, even hold onto a thought and not publish it. Maybe even delete it. I definately wish I could do that with the words I say – quite often in fact. I am also an introvert but here I can speak without somehow worrying about it. After all you don’t have to read any of this and maybe no one does.
I also read blogs because you guys out there say a lot of really intelligent stuff. Some I don’t understand but most of what you say speaks to where I’m at. I feel like I have entered into a community that I like and feel at home in.

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