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Last night I went to my daughter Grace’s dance recital. Grace is very petite, very athletic(quite proud of her 6 pack) and very agile. She is a fantastic Hip Hop dancer. I wish she would put half the effort into her schoolwork as she does into her dance. I went with as much of the family as I could muster, my dad and step mom, my daughter -in-law to be and my elderly aunt. It always amazes me that their reaction is so favorable. We never would have dared dance let alone dance Hip hop when I was a kid!

My dad seems to be doing better since I last put a word in here about him. He apparently did have a little stroke and he is definately more feeble in the physical sense. His mind is still slipping away slowly. We are so fortunate to have Sharon(my step-mom) who cares for him so well. We know it cannot be easy. When I took him down to Saskatoon a week or so ago, I wrote this on returning. Maybe I am frightened a bit at my own future. This is not the way anyone would like to go.


Searching for answers in your mind
You come up blank
Or with a story
So unrelated
To the question
That we can’t even correct you.

Sitting beside me as we wait
Suddenly you expound
On the value
Of oxygen.
They must need it you say.
Short circuits happening again.

Where do you go in your mind
As we sit with you?
You try to enter
Our conversation.
In hopeless turns,
We speak, you lose your way.

At the moment, while we speak,
Do you remember,
How you taught me to walk,
To ride a bike,
To swim, to drive, to …?
Now I am driving, taking you home.

Then suddenly as the red sun sets
There spring into your mind
An old song
And you sing
My mind floods with memories.

And I wonder if this is a shadow
Of how I will become.
No quick or glorious
Surrounded by my children
My mind escapes, my body lingers on.

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