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Leo moves offices

Leo had to move out of his office today. He is not doing enough clinical medicine to justify using up space in the clinic so he has to pack up all his books and bring them home. We are wondering where we are going to put them here. I guess we’ll fit as many as we can into the office space at home and then who knows. We seem to have lots of bookcases but not as much floor space as they require. I suggested he take as many as he can to his MHO (Medical Health Officer) office but he doesn’t think he has room for them there either. When it comes to books, he’s not a good thrower outer. Me neither. Good news – He got his American Society of Addiction medicine certification and should get the Canadian one soon. Between the books and the diplomas and certificates we don’t need to worry about needing more artwork to cover our walls. Leo’s quite proud of his new certificate and I guess he earned it by his hard work so should be.
Christain, Grace and I went over to the church to help set up for the Giagantic Garage Sale. It is a fund raiser for CHIC so lots of the kids were there. We are hoping Christian can go but we don’t have his US visa yet. He is a landed immigrant but still a Congolese so has all the hassles of being labeled as a potential assylum seeker by the US. Can you imagine! Anyway this garage sale sure has a lot of junk! It always seems to me that we take some junk there and bring some different junk home but we never really get rid of any appreciable amount of junk.
So tomorrow my day is already mapped out for me – help at the sale and then get some groceries before I get fired as a mother for having no Pizza Pops in the freezer.

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Beyond Magazine led me to a fantastic piece of reporting on the Congo done by David McLaughlin and others at the CBC. Take a look. You need time but if this sort of thing interests you it is time well spent.

Just had an e-mail this am from our boys dad in the Congo. He was bit by a cat. He is worried. We are worried. Rabies is prevelant there. Vaccines and immune globulin are not so easy to come by. Bring Jacques before God today.

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