Lingala Lessons

It’s a beautiful evening. I sat outside in our new porch swing but then the mosquitos began to come out in full force. Now, under the remote threat of West Nile Virus we are exhorted by our good sense to think about applying some of that vile smelling stuff to ward off the little beasts. Sometimes it’s just easier to go inside.

Greg is over tonight. Lingala lesson number three or four. Patrick has taken it upon himself to teach him since Greg is going to be spending several months in the Congo for his field experience towards his degree in Intercultural Studies from Providence. Greg will be working with Patrick’s dad – a doctor(Congolese) with American Leprosy Mission.
Lingala is my third language and a pretty simple one as languages go. If you can’t find the right word or if no word exists in Lingala(this happens quite often actually) you steal a French word and lingalacise it. Works great! I guess we are not above doing that in English or French for that matter. It still strikes me ear as strange when my kids who speak French Canadian French use the word “fun” as in C’est du fun. Just sounds weird to me. But then we commit faux pas and write resumes so I guess with time my ear will get used to it and I won’t cringe when I am in a situation where I actually use it myself.

I can see where I may need to add a page explaining a bit about my family if I keep mentioning them in my blogs. Can’t be a mom without mentioning the kids and the man in our lives. Our family is a bit unconventional – large and multiethnic, multicultural, and even ecumenical in a sense. However I think I will use this site a bit and get used to the changes I’ve made before I do another big change.

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