Sunburn, soccer and friends – all in a day

I am trying to make some changes to my site but it seems that today was not a good day to try and change the template, so I will have to try over the next few days.

I got my first sunburn of the year today watching soccer – not too bad though, at least it doesn’t hurt, I’m just very pink. I should know better but I forgot the sunscreen. It was a beautiful day for being at a soccer game, especially when my daughter is on the winning team. By the way, you Saskatonians, our girls kicked butt the last two days, beating Hollandia and Aurora both.
Sorry, I was going to put a picture in here but there is obviously something I am doing wrong – so another day!

We had a great visit this evening with a family from Belgium/Congo. They have two of the cutest little girls. And they speak very good French, which is good for my French. It is always easier to speak it by the end of the evening, I guess practice makes perfect. It’s good for our kids too since their girls really do not speak much English. Multilingualism is a skill that our children do not appreciate enough. I earned my second language the hard way – as an adult – but it was worth it.


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