Off to a Beautiful Start

It is a beautiful start ot a new day. The sun shines, the grass is green and I am able to look out from my window as I write and watch the geese on the river. And I’ve just been talking with God and it was good.
I am getting ready to go to practice for worship this morning. I am thinking that this is one of the most anticipated joys in my life. I get to participate in the worship in a way that I hope brings glory to God. At least He is very indulgent and tolerates my joyful noise! God help my fingers hit the right notes today, at the right times!
As I was bringing my prayers to God this morning, I was bringing each of my children before Him. He made me realise that if my children were all perfect, I would probably never have needed Him so much. God keep my hands tightly grasped in yours as I live my life before them. Help them not to see only my weaknesses but some glimpses of You that would attract them to you.

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