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A Big, Busy Day

We have a big busy day at our house today. Leo worked midnights so went to bed early last night to be able to function – was called at about 1:30 am and worked till 8:00am today. Then Christian went up to be his “chauffeur” and they are off to Saskatoon where Leo is attending a short conference on the provision of medical services in the Francophone community. I was to go too but Sara has her first real soccer game in the Premiere league at noon today so our plans had to change. I can’t miss her first game! Our other son is helping to be a french language translator for a Judo competition here in Prince Albert – so he has already left for his “job” for the day. After the soccer game today I will have to go down to Saskatoon to pick Leo up. He does drive, in case you are wondering, but didn’t think he should after being up all night. Good thing I like to drive – two trips to Saskatoon in three days.

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Early Rising

I’m an early riser. There is no better time of the day for quiet in our house. If I don’t put on the music too loud, I can sit and listen, talk to God, read, etc. without interruption. Front page on MSN is this article on meditation – how to. I wonder if there would ever be a front page link on how to pray and meditate in the Christian context- hmmmm.

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