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Lab test – No Coffee

Today was one of those days when I just didn’t accomplish much. I had to fast for blood tests so my day didn’t even start out with a good cup of coffee. Then I got to the lab and computer problems were preventing them from printing labels. The bloodletter had the bright idea to write them out by hand so we did eventually get the tests done. I must say that whoever the tech was, she did a good job – painless and I have those collapsible veins that usually require more than one attempt.

Today was also my day to supervise the School Dental Program(an in school treatment program to serve high needs kids) so I went over to Queen Mary School. The child I needed to see the most was out of school on a field trip so I couldn’t do her work. There are too many field trips and not enough school – ought to make them work harder I say! So by midmorning I was free.

Went and bought some bedding plants. Was amazed that most of them are sold out. How did I get so far behind? Maybe that’s why my plants start to bloom in September just before the first frost! I never seem to catch up with the speed with which summer passes. Wasn’t it just snowing last weekend?

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